Aloe Oil Free Foundation

Skin Perfecting Natural Coverage

The final step to your skincare routine. Our water-soluble long wear makeup provides soothing hydration, treats imperfections and actively improves the skin.



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Our exclusive foundation formula is lightweight, yet easily buildable, creating the perfect canvas for your look. Unlike traditional makeup brands that clog your pores and stifle the skin, this natural makeup allows your skin to breathe all day.

Powerhouse nutrients from Aloe Vera and Calamine provide soothing hydration, treat imperfections and actively improve the skin making it beneficial for all skin types. The richness of natural ingredients also manage skin conditions including acne, rosacea, and sun damage. Let your skin feel the difference.


What To Expect

  • Oil-free, non-greasy, water-soluble formula
  • Allows your skin to breathe, won't clog pores
  • Flawless coverage with a makeup-free feeling
  • Broadspectrum SPF sun protection
  • Excellent for the troubled skin as Aloe Vera & Calamine promote healing
  • Can be used right up to the eye

Size: 30mL


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What a godsend this is. Love the fact that you can wear it knowing it'll wash off so easily, doesn't clog pores and blends so well. Fab stuff.

Deanna Melb

This foundation is oil free so feels light and refreshing on my skin. Gives a lovely colour.

rebecca mcevoy woodside, south australia

Finally, a truly oil-free foundation that soothes and protects the skin all day without clogging the pores. The calamine and Aloe Vera in this product is such a huge benefit to anyone with blemishes.

Trish Demmers Kelowna, BC,Canada

Imagine a foundation that actually covers blemishes, is oil free so will not clog pores, is actually healing to the skin because of the Aloe Vera, soothing for the skin because of the calamine, is a great natural protection from the sun and yet feels like nothing is sitting on my skin. WOW!!

Peggy Galbraith Alberta, Canada

great to finally find a foundation that is the right color and doesnt react with my skin!

Rachael Melbourne, Australia

Best Foundation! Based on Aloe-Vera, it is so healing on the good you could sleep in it. Always gives a great coverage and matches so well with my skin colour. I use this every time for photographic modelling shots and my skin just looks flawless in it! You won't be disappointed in this foundation.

Jasmin Queensland

I love this foundation and have used it for 23 years the ingredients are great and the coverage is great,it blends well and teams great with the powder

tina melbourne

The best foundation ever. I have tried almost every foundation out there and none of them come close to the coverage I got from Grace foundation. After i tried this i never went back to any other foundation. Its aloe based and does not react to your skin and most importantly does not react to your skin type even if you have the most sensitive skin or acne prone skin. I have been hooked onto this for almost over 4 years and i can say i love it and never going to look back.

Amreen Melbourne

Wow! Excellent coverage and sun protection...just love it! And my skins still breathes because its so natural and healthy! The best, just an amazing foundation, I can't do without it!

Jillian Janetzki Victoria

This oil free foundation feels smooth and silky on my skin, while naturally providing full coverage! Beautiful. I highly recommend it.

Jeanette Thompson Helensburgh NSW Australia

I use foundation very rarely on my entire face, but this foundation has such great coverage that I use it as a concealer on a daily basis. It blends in well with my natural skin tone while covering redness and lightening the dark circles around my eyes. It is a staple that I always have in my purse.

Gail Calgary, AB

i love the foundation the fact is that it doesn't clog up my pores and it glides on easily and washes off easily as well and it doesn't harm my skin ! love it

Arlette F howlong nsw

Great products.

Chris Kmon Melourne

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