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You're never alone with Pro-Ma Systems

We pride ourselves on a comprehensive training and support system regardless of your background or experience. You can take advantage of our online training to help build your business and product knowledge. Like any business, the key elements of marketing, administration and distribution are essential and we are well able to provide the very best of these services and more

On a day-to-day basis, your business has a team of staff working with you; specialist personnel who have a common goal to provide excellence in service within Sales and Marketing; Training; Technology; Distributor and Customer Service; Marketing Services; Web Development; Product Manufacturing; Administration; Purchasing and Product Division.

Your own online store

Once you join Proma, you can login to this website and access your wholesale buying price on the full range of products. The website also provides immediate business information and important updates to help you make the most of your proma business

You can also sell direct to customers via your own online store. We take care of the website content, so you can focus on sharing the products and sending protential customers to your store - making you money every time they place an order.

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Regular updates

We always share our exciting news, training's and special offers with you through a variety of different methods. You can access all the latest info via the website, we will email you and if you download the App, we will send notifications straight to your mobile. For those who prefer the personal touch, our friendly customer service staff are always available to take your call.


Live Training Events

We run a comprehensive leadership and personal development program which you can view through our events calendar as part of your online member tools. These regular regional training's are conducted by our Corporate Management team and leading Group Builders, covering all areas of business development and product knowledge.

We’d love to meet you - Please feel free to contact the Head Office team or come visit us in our many locations around the world.

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Proudly family owned and operated since 1983

Grace Cosmetics is in the process of updating our product packaging and in order to remain as sustainable as possible, you may continue to receive our current packaging. No matter what packaging you receive, you can be confident that all Grace Cosmetics goes through the same rigorous quality testing and meets full quality requirements.