Your Guide to Economy, Performance & Style

Follow our simple steps to achieve better fuel efficiency, lower maintenance costs, improved performance and getting that showroom shine every single day…

Have your vehicle serviced regularly

This might seem obvious but ensuring your car is serviced at regular intervals will maintain the engine and keep it running at peak performance, whilst resolving any problems before they become a serious issue.

Keep your air-conditioning serviced

The air-conditioning in your car uses power from the vehicle’s engine, so when it’s turned on, you will notice an increase in fuel consumption. To keep your air-conditioner system seals in tact, we recommend switching the air-conditioning on every two weeks to lubricate the system seals. This will ensure smoother performance.

Check your tyre pressure

Check the air pressure in your tyres weekly to ensure safety, reduce fuel consumption and increase the life of your tires.

Keep your engine clean

Fuel injectors are easily clogged. When this happens, they can reduce fuel economy, performance and greatly increase exhaust emissions. If you use a product such as PT5, you can ensure this doesn’t happen.

Slow down at red lights

Stopping slowly at red lights isn’t just good on your brakes, it also saves you fuel! If you slow down somewhat, you'll be able to avoid stopping altogether. The little amount you'll have to speed up later won't use anywhere near as much fuel that coming to a complete stop and restarting would use.

Maintain a constant speed

When you are driving in heavy traffic, braking frequently and then accelerating burns more fuel. To avoid this, practice keeping your foot off the brake and the accelerator. Doing so allows you to creep along with the traffic and only burns extra fuel when necessary.

Give your car a showroom shine

Professional car care products can make any car look like it belongs in a showroom. Whether you’ve just purchased a new vehicle or want to keep your car looking immaculate, you need a high quality car care product such as Pro-Ma Performance Products, that have been relied on and trusted by thousands of people worldwide for many years.

Use Cruise Control!

If you're driving on the highway and traffic is flowing regularly, set your cruise control to the speed limit and away you go! This is one of the most fuel efficient ways to minimise fuel consumption.

Don't carry more than you need in your car

If you have heavy sports equipment stored in the boot that you only need twice a week - only carry it then! The extra weight in your car can increase the amount of fuel needed for every single trip. Keep in mind that heavier vehicles need more energy to move.

Use good quality fuel and additives

Make sure you check which fuel your manufacturer has recommended for the particular make and model of your car.

Keep in mind that both PT5 Petrol Treatment and DT5 Diesel Treatment can save money in fuel consumption by helping the fuel burn more efficiently.


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