Added Protection For The Children

Added Protection For The Children

17 May 2018

We recently received news from the Light of Hope Home in India that a rise in mosquitoes swarms had caused some of the children, and even workers at the home, to fall ill with fevers. In the tropics, mosquitoes are known to carry various viruses and spread them with their bites.

Fortunately, our friends were able to act quickly. By using the finances provided by our Light of Hope partners, they were able to purchase new mesh covered doors to keep the mosquitoes out. All the dormitories have now been fitted with these screens, making for an effective, long-term protection.

Our friends and children from the Light of Home pass on their sincere appreciation to all who support them and say they are all recovering well.

Supporting our Light of Hope Campaign is simple. All you have to do is add one of our Light of Hope products to your next order and all the profits from your purchase will go to funding effective solutions like this.



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